Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to defrag

I came home and crashed on the couch after a particularly busy day, with an aching neck. Sensing that I was in need of some TLC, my little angels stepped in: Michael gave me a remedial massage and Phil stood guard. Look at her technique. And she only charged one tin of Fancy Feast.

And while we're on the topic of self-care, I spotted this chart on the wall of the ladies room when I was visiting a clinic recently. Its a gentle reminder to stay hydrated at work. 

[While we are on the self-care topic, I was chatting to a vet who was called into a clinic (fortunately not one I work at) from 6am for an emergency and stuck around to help out her colleagues. At 2.30pm she mentioned she might need something to eat and earned disapproving comments from colleagues who suggested she should harden up. Really? 

I am sure most pet owners would prefer their animals to be treated by a normoglycaemic, well hydrated clinician than a starving clinician on the verge of a hypoglycaemic coma and renal failure any day of the week!]

Speaking of winding down, on Thursday the team from is launching a fantastic book and project about the Six Foot Track in the Blue Mountains. Not only did they write a book, but they created a backpack mounted camera system that publishes panoramic images every 5m along the spectacular track, built an interactive website with a detailed map, and made a series of videos with some very handy bushwalking tips.

Calm blue ocean: I was invited to a very early breakfast meeting this week in the most spectacular location. Imagine how chilled we would be if we all started our respective days in this way. My only regret was that Phil had skipped out on the meeting to sleep in - he would have loved it.