Saturday, November 2, 2013

Become a Getting2Zero featured supporter AND...dates with your dog: online shopping

This week SAT was mentioned on the Getting2Zero Take Action page, which is a real honour as this is a fantastic and worthy movement. If you want to read more about the fantastic people who are all working towards Getting2Zero (that is, achieving zero killing of healthy cats and dogs), check out the site or read our interviews with inspirational shelter vet Dr Lila Miller, animal trainer Cecile Ashen Young, compassion fatigue scholar Rebekah Scotney and dynamic coordinator Nell Thompson (who I reckon has the happiest dogs on the planet).

You can read about the scope of the problem of "surplus" animals in this fantastic interview with veterinary student and researcher Diana Chua.

The more people who get behind G2Z, the more successful it will be. You can contact G2Z and let them know how you are taking action. 

It seems I created something of a monster with the post about GIANTmicrobes, prompting several SAT readers to engage in some online shopping sprees and send me their finds. I'm not huge on shopping, especially as I like to spend my free time with certain beings that aren't routinely allowed into shops (though I must say when Phil is in his bag, as pictured above, he seems to be admitted anywhere!). 

Online shopping, however, is something the whole fur family can participate on, whether its by sitting on your keyboard, tearing up reciepts as they inch their way out of the printer, or sitting on your lap. So here are some online gems.

Useful stuff

Does THIS happen every time you try to go away? Why not go-with-the-flow and use your suitcase to create an awesome DIY pet bed.

Check out these awesome veterinary pharmacology apps and resources

Vets, veterinary students and nurses might appreciate the utility pouches available online.

If your budget is limited, why not create a do-it-yourself dog bed. I love the use of old beside tables, and the outfitted suitcases are perfect (NB can also be adapted for cats and other snuggling species).

I'm a big fan of gifts that support animals, such as adopting a rescued farm animal or aiding in animal-related appeals. You could also buy one of these awesome Getting2Zero tees, an RSPCA diary or a "People who don't like cats are weirdos" bib for your bub (if you have one - if you don't, Cat Tee Mission stock plenty of awesome tees - and the funds support feline causes!).

Somewhat more frivolous yet nonetheless awesome items

Animal lovers always enjoy a portrait of their pets. Phil and I are big fans of Jenny Parker from Shootyapooch Pet Photography because she a) loves animals; b) packs awesome treats; c) has patience in spades. So we signed up for her Christmas mini session and took Bosca with us. You can check the results here.

For the driver who spends a lot of time on the road, this kitty windscreen wiper enhancement could be the perfect gift.

Surgeons and the anatomically inclined might appreciate a box of hand-made, anatomically accurate chocolates.

The carnivorous nerds in your life might appreciate a synthetic bacon Mobius strip.

(The non-carnivorous might prefer lunch or dinner at Susie Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher, or some of Ms Spoon’s vegan bacon).

Or you could just make these cat doughnuts at home. They contain pumpkins and almonds so MUST be healthy. For human consumption only.

Just a warning: don't spend TOO much time online shopping, it really isn't a substitute for time with your pet. If you're in any doubt, this comic should clear things up.