Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mid-week reading, taking control of your worry and a winking ridgeback cross.

Bosca digs the CVE's Control and Therapy series (this is the hard copy. We're not allowed to stick our paws on e-books).
At SAT we're a big fan of veterinary CE reading with a practical bent, and we like our CE delivered via multiple platforms.

The Centre for Veterinary Education has made their Control and Therapy series available as interactive e-books and you don't have to be a member to submit cases.

You can view a sample issue here

(As an aside, I noticed on their website that they've partnered with the Discipline of Psychiatry and Sydney Uni Med School to run a course on Taking Control of your Worry). 

If you're a fan of Bosca, check out the awesome photo of him taken by Jenny Parker.

For those SAT fans who need a cat fix please rest assured, more feline topics coming up.
Michael on stakeout in the sink. Watching you from where you least expect it.