Saturday, October 5, 2013

Date with your dog: doggy day out
Where are you taking your dog this weekend? (Thanks to Jenny Parker for the awesome pic of Phil and I).
I don't want to be nine-to-five-centric (esp as I work weekends), but it IS technically a long weekend which means...LOTS of time to spend with your dog. Or any non-humans in your life!

Plenty of local councils, community groups and even pubs have realised that people own pets and want to hang out with them at such times. "Doggie day out" events are the result and, if your dog enjoys the company of other dogs - not all dogs do - it can be the perfect way to spend some time.

This weekend the Vic Enmore Superdog promises to entertain with an obstacle course, jumping castle (presumably for kids, not dogs) and prizes. For more info check out the Vic's Facebook page or click here.

For those of you who tend to spend their long weekends reading, check out the fantastic guest post about Dingo behaviour on Do You Believe in Dog? Did you know that dingos can use tools? I had no idea. UQ Post doc Bradley Smith provides a fantastic discussion - and a video that will surprise you.

It's also mental health month. The NSW Mental Health Association is running its annual Stress Less Tips campaign. You can check out their tips (always beautifully designed - my favourite campaign every year without fail) here. One of the tips is "go out of your way to make someone's day". Well, here at SAT we acknowledge that that someone could have four legs, feathers or scales.
cat at the table.
It might just involve spending time getting to know your cat.