Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Animal events in October and November

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Don't miss the Working Dog Conference.
If you're in Sydney this month, the University is running a suite of excellent animal themed seminars, symposia and conferences that you can pop along to as a student or guest.

This Thursday at 1pm Professor Annie Ross will be discussing Indigenous Knowledge and the management of dingoes and dugongs (in the vet faculty's Webster lecture theature). 

The Indigenous seminar series, organised by Dr Jaime Gongora, will also include a talk in Thursday October 17 (same time, same venue) by Bill Gammage - "The biggest estate on Earth: How Aborigines made Australia". The following week, AMRRIC's Julia Hardaker will discuss "Building better futures for animal health and welfare outcomes."

HARN seminar on November 4.
On November 4 the Human Animal Research Network is running a seminar entitled "A plague on our house: obesity, pests and the devil's cancer" which I will be chairing.

From 12pm in the Woolley Common Room, speakers include Professor Katherine Belov ("Sympathy for the devil: how do we stop a contagious cancer?"; Professor David Raubenheimer ("Penny wise, pound foolish: geometry, obesity and the cost of food") and Professor Edward C. Holmes ("The greatest evolutionary experiment: viral biocontrol of rabbits").

If working dogs are more your thing the Australian Working Dog Alliance is hosting its inaugural working dog conference on November 4 and 5. It promises to bring together working dog breeders, trainers, handlers, vets, vet students, facility managers, dog researchers, advocacy and Government group representatives from Australasia.

The program looks really interesting and there is a strong contingent of Sydney Uni researchers who will be discussing, among other things: the measurement of optimism in dogs, the attributes farmers value in their dogs, the economic impact of farm dogs, the genetics of canine separation-related distress and defining "dogmanship" (or should that be "dogpersonship?") - ie the way some people have with dogs.

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