Sunday, September 8, 2013

Electioneering: pets and polls

Phil in his Wallabies jersey.
For most Australians it has been a busy weekend, racing to the poll booths to vote and then being glued to the television to await the outcome. Whatever side of politics you are on it has been a significant weekend.

Aside from the fact that it represents the democracy in which we are fortunate enough to live, one of the best things about voting (at least in my electorate) is that its dog friendly.

When Phil and I arrived yesterday there were some Cocker spaniels and Cavoodles in the queue, and he was allowed to come into the polling booth with me. However given the enormous senate form and the time some people were taking to vote we weren't sure it was an appropriate photo opp. So here are some pics of Phil's election-wear.
Phil's election wear. Rationale for wardrobe choice: we didn't happen to have a dog jersey for the parties we supported, and we felt we were voting for Australia, and the Wallabies jersey was our only Aussie-themed kit. 
He was deadset on hanging out for the sausage sizzle but I know full well that Phil + sausages = diarrhoea, so he was defeated on that motion. So to speak.

If you took your pet to the pollbooths we'd love to see a pic. Otherwise have a great weekend and SAT will return to normal programming tomorrow.