Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sofi's birthday party

Sofi (rear) with the love of her life, Boo, at Sofi's first birthday party.

Phil and I are back from the most excellent dog's birthday party ever, and recovering under our respective nanna rugs. It is the weekend after all. 

But we wanted to give three cheers to the hosts, Emma and Alice. I was sent an article only this week about parties we should be having instead of wedding parties, and after this morning I feel that dog birthday parties should be number one on the list.

[Of course there is always a caveat: there are plenty of contraindications for dog birthday parties - dogs that get stressed around dogs and/or people, dogs with a tendency to be aggressive and those with severe dietary restrictions may not appreciate such an you have to exercise careful, dogcentric judgement].

Its doubtful that Sofi knew it was her first (I'd love to know more about how dogs percieve time) but she loved the fact that her favourite dogs, humans and a truckload of cabinossi were gathered in one place.

Emma and Alice, with the assistance of the wonderful Aunty Kat, skillfully ensured that dog treats and human treats were restricted to the appropriate species.

And the cake? Well, we've got exclusive access to the recipe, the making of (and devouring of) images, so we'll be bringing that to you shortly.

Happy birthday Sofi!