Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happiness is...guinea pigs munching on their favourite vegies

Few things signify that all is right with the universe than the crunching sounds of a pair of cavies chowing down on their favourite vegies (in this case celery tops and dutch carrots. Oh, and if anyone reading this works in a supermarket, DON'T CUT THE TOPS OFF THE VEGIES!!! The humans might not eat them but that bunch of dutch carrots may be destined for non-human members of the household. Ditto celery tops).

Vegie bouquet
A vegie bouquet for the cavy lover in your life. This arrangement is made from continental parsley and coriander, but you can use basil, mint, dutch carrots, Asian greens. Okay, so flower arranging is not my talent - but you get the idea.

If you're looking to do something nice for the guinea pig lover in your life, skip the bouquet of flowers and opt instead for a vegetable bouquet - it looks nice but its also edible (remember to serve in sensible portions - they aren't called pigs for nothing).

Nothing washes it down quite like a timothy hay chaser. Hay and grass should account for around 80 per cent of your guinea pig's diet to ensure an adequate fibre intake and ensure that the teeth are worn down appropriately.

Uneven incisors in a boar.