Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bake for a cause

(c) Anne Fawcett
My attempt at a decorating a cake that looks like Phil. Not the eerily similar eyes and nose. This took a lot of slaving in the kitchen. I have much respect for cake decorators. 
This may come as late notice to types who don't routinely stock flour in their pantry, but in case you missed the hype, tomorrow is RSPCA Cupcake Day. You can download resources and recipes here, or if your culinary skills are like mine (ie likely to land you on, you might just want to support the cause by buying and eating cakes baked by others. 

I am told that the photos, printed on rice-paper, are edible. Just couldn't bring myself to eat them! (Didn't have any reservations about polishing off the choc-iced strawberries. Well, fruit is good for you!).
I did just that this morning, dropping in to a stall and purchasing cupcakes  - and am now in a post-prandial, hyperglycaemic semi-coma. There are some masterful cake-baker-decorators on this planet, and someone has to support them. 

Of course Hero wanted a piece of the action when I bought said cupcakes home. He even sat on the bench starring past them, almost convincingly feigning non-interest. I know better than to be fooled by that handsome face.

If you've baked an awesome cake for a cause, please send in a photo!
Hero approves of the cakes. (Note the uncanny resemblance btw
Hero and the kitty in the bottom blue-iced cake in the previous pic).