Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Veterinary treatment of canine cognitive dysfunction

Senior and proud. Well, not sure about the proud bit. But yes, although he looks like a puppy, Phil is an older dog.
Dementia is well documented in human patients, less well characterised and possibly less than ideally managed in veterinary patients.

Sydney University BSc(Vet) candidate Ellen Rasidi is conducting a survey of veterinary practices related to geriatric canine patients, specifically the diagnosis and treament of canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) aka "doggy dementia".

Geratric patients are known for their multiple comorbidities and it can be difficult to differentiate signs of dementia from signs of other neurological diseases, including neoplasia, vitamin B deficiency, anxiety, even degenerative joint disease. There are a limited range of treatments available, including (in trial phase) stem cell therapy, medication and dietary supplements.

If you are a veterinarian who treats geriatric canine patients you can complete the survey by clicking this link. It only takes about five minutes.