Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Housekeeping: lovin' this blog

white kitten
Moisie and her reflection. 

A couple of people (I'd love to say a few million but alas not) have asked what's the easiest way to follow this blog. Aside from getting up every morning and typing into your browser, you can follow this (and indeed all of your favourite blogs) by clicking the bloglovin' button on the right of your screen (I've included another one below).

Follow on Bloglovin

The great thing about bloglovin' is that it sends you one unobtrusive little email each day with links to new posts from ALL of the blogs you follow - without you having to check up on them every day. There's nothing more disappointing than visiting your favourite blog to find that yesterday's or last week's post hasn't been updated...bloglovin' saves you the hassle. Then you click on the post you want to read and bloglovin' takes you to the site.

You can follow and unfollow blogs easily, as well as like, unlike and share posts. The other thing I love about it is that when I signed up I got an automated email from co-founder Daniel Gren saying if there's anything the powers that be at bloglovin' could do anytime, just drop them a line. I did just to test it out and he replied!!!