Friday, June 14, 2013

Webinars for veterinarians

Nerd alert - webinars are the new seminar.

The Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association (ASAVA) is running free webinars for members. I've already attended several, including an exceptional webinar on snake bite by Dr Peter Best and a brilliant lecture on dental disasters by Christine Hawke.

The best part is you can participate whilst sitting in your study with a cat on your lap - everyone wins! 

Upcoming topics include:

Management of common heart diseases - Rita Singh, 18/6
Diagnosis and Treatment of Periodontal disease in small animals - Gary Wilson, 16/7
Anaesthesia - Sanaa Zaki, 30/7
Update on testing for FIV and FeLV - new technologies to meet old pathogens - Julia Beatty, 6/8
Dermatology update (atopy) - Linda Vogelnest 3/9
Fleas - Geoff Gibbons & Rob Woodgate 17/9
Vaccination protocols - TBA 1/10
Urinary incontinence - Bruce Mackay 15/10
Seizure investigation - Georgina Child 12/11
Approach to the icteric patient - Graham Swinney 26/11
Disorders of calcium in dogs and cats - approach and management - Karina Graham 3/12