Saturday, June 29, 2013

Farf the talking pomeranian

Readers may remember Farf from a previous post. The amazing thing about Farf is that when he wants attention, he talks. You'll need sound on for this one. Someone tells me that the vids aren't viewable from iPads. I'm looking into it. Try your desktop computer in the meantime. 

Aside from being heartbreakingly cute, Farf is a rescue dog given a second chance by his new owners. What a great way to change a life. (And yes, he did get the cuddle he was asking for).


  1. Farf is gorgeous! Is he good friends with Phil? Is everything OK with his throat / voice cords?

  2. Yes. Just a quirk, he has not had any trauma. When he wants attention, he makes that noise. I have to say it is very effective.From the next room it sounds like a human baby crying!

  3. Farf! So cute. Phil seems unperturbed


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