Sunday, June 23, 2013

Can dogs and cats be friends?

Touching tails
Can dogs and cats be friends? 
This fabulous photo was taken by Dr Heather Apthorpe: dentist, lecturer (I love picking her brains about anatomy of the head and neck and local anaesthesia - the woman is a font of dental knowledge and incredible factoids) and animal lover. The composition of the above moves me to add "artist" to her repertoire.

Of the inter-species politics in her household, Dr A writes:
They are quite affectionate to one another and Belle runs to tell Milo in the backyard when we get home.
They also play hide and seek in the yard with Milo hiding behind bushes and then jumping out when Belle finds him!
Aside from keeping each other entertained, Milo and Belle are the perfect accomplices when one is procrastinating over an essay, as evidenced below.
dog and cat in bed together
Milo and Belle relax on the bed...and helpfully obscure the study notes such that one is compelled to throw one's hands in the air and join them. We've all been there.

Of course not all dogs and cats were meant to be together. Introductions should be planned carefully, executed gradually and supervised fully, with escape routes/retreats available for all parties.

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