Saturday, June 1, 2013

Calling all three legged cats!

tripod cat
Hero gets by just fine with three legs. And bucketloads of TLC.

If you live with or know someone who lives with a three-legged cat, this post is all about YOU. Well, the cat really. Actually both of you.

I've teamed up with Dr Geraldine Toh on a project concerning the management of the three-legged cat. Feline amputees require special care.

We're keen to know what burning questions (or insightful observations) you have about three legged cats. And if you don't personally know a three legged kitty, is there anything you would LIKE to know?

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  1. Hi Anne. Our second male cat, Repton, Bart's mate, is missing his back left leg. Repton came to us as a stray in 1999 and he couldn't use his leg at that stage, racing around past us with it lifted up. The knee joint appeared damaged. Sam Haynes at the Newtown hospital said he would get around better and in less pain without it and that has proved the case. He scampers around the yard, squeezes under gates and keeps out of Bart's way if his mate is in a bad mood. The last year or so he has been losing abit of strength in his remaining hind leg and sometimes needs help to jump up onto the bed. Otherwise we've been careful not to let him get overweight as this would put too much stress on his joints and perhaps hasten arthritis but he's been good so far.

  2. Thanks Tony. It sounds like Repton had some trauma before you met and that amputation was the right move. Its a good point you make - quite often owners are very concerned, but the rationale for amputation is to improve the cat's quality of life. Weight management is definitely important - it gets a little tougher as they get older and less efficient at metabolising those calories.

  3. How does Hero, missing a front leg, dig through litter?

  4. Good question. He does it successfully, balancing on his hind legs and using his front leg to dig. In fact he is extremely good with his one forelimb and can use it to deftly swoop unattended food off the kitchen bench and throw toy mice around the room.

  5. My kitty just had his arm up to his shoulder blade removed, what kind of special care will my baby need? hes used to being an outfoor cat so being indoors is going to kill him :(

  6. Hi, my indoor female cat had an accident a couple of weeks ago and we had to have her front right leg amputated due to paralysis and a dislocated joint. She is coping better than I am with the problem and is much more friendly than before.
    I always had plans of mating her but I was wondering what kind of effect it would have on her now that she has only three legs?


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