Monday, May 13, 2013

Links roundup

Skye and Mr B play-wrestle.

The weekend is over, folks, and it hurts. But there are some interesting things happening this week.

Its National Volunteer Week and if you're keen to help out check out - it is a sponsored site but when I typed in my postcode and hit the "animals and environment" option there were plenty of useful things to do.

For those of you who enjoy taking part in research and working in a veterinary practice, the University of Sydney is involved in a project looking at the viability of clinical audits. You can do the survey here (its short and sweet).

If infectious diseases are your thing, you might wish to participate in the OneHealth discussion on neglected zoonoses here. (A neglected zoonotic disease or NZD is one which is not adequately addressed nationally or potentially internationally, depending on the disease. For example, anthrax, bovine TB and brucellosis are NZDs in some regions leading to infection of those in contact with these animals).

Not all our links are directly about veterinary related things. If you have a spare twenty minutes, check out this documentary about what happens when someone sees the Earth from space. The message is somewhat predictable but the perspective is unique and the footage is spectacular. We're literally living on a space ship! What it doesn't reference is the number of animals sent into space without much if any) regard to their welfare. But its nice to see some reflective astronauts.