Monday, May 6, 2013

Interview with Owen Thomson and Ghost Cat

You have to admit I am kinda cute...

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing journo and PR dude Owen Thomson about the other lady in his life, Ghost Cat. GC has done it tough but landed in a great home and has OT wrapped around her glowing white paw...

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a freelance journalist, copywriter and communications consultant. I’ve had a love for animals ever since I was very young, even though we didn’t get our first cat until I was 14.

How did Ghost Cat come into your life? Whenceforth the name?

Seven-years-ago we were living in a terrace house in inner-Sydney when she just appeared in our back garden one day. She was clearly in very average condition, with heavily matted and dirty fur and a bad dose of conjunctivitis. After about a week, we decided we’d better adopt her and get her some medical care. As for her name, well, she was all-white and seemed to almost glow in the dark, so it just seemed a natural choice.

Tell us her specs - age, breed, features, quirks

Ghost Cat’s age is something of a mystery. When we first got her, we were given estimates of anywhere between four to six years. That would now make her anything from 11 to 13. In terms of her appearance, she looks suspiciously like Blofeld’s white cat from the early James Bond movies, especially Diamonds are Forever. She’s also super tough. Once, during our first few weeks together, our burglar alarm went off accidentally. Poor Ghost Cat was so upset she sprinted the length of the hall and smashed head first through our back glass door. We found her an hour later in a neighbours yard without a scratch on her.

She's had some health problems lately. Aside from your veterinarian, where do you go to seek information when things go wrong?

Nowhere else, really. I think the idea of seeking out serious medical advice, whether it be for animals or humans, from sources like websites or Internet chat forums is questionable at best.

Any favourite pet related websites or links you could point us to?

Sadly, no.

How does Ghost Cat feel about veterinarians?

Absolutely cannot stand them. I get the impression most of them are actually frightened of her. Considering her size (about eight kilos), enormous claws and extremely scary spits, growls and yowls, that’s perhaps understandable.

What are three qualities you want your veterinarian to possess?

Honesty, integrity, and a genuine love for animals.

Any pet peeves about vets?

I think a lot of them are in it for the wrong reasons and see animals as a means to a moneymaking end [I disagree but I do understand this perception – stay tuned for further discussions of vet economics – ed.].

Any pet peeves about cats?

No, not really. Cats are what they are and you just have to love them because of, or in spite of, their many idiosyncrasies.

If Ghost Cat were granted the ability to respond verbally (ie in spoken English, not meows) to three questions, what would you ask her?

How did you get that enormous scar down your back?
Have we given you a good life?
Why do you keep pooing on my Persian rug?