Friday, May 3, 2013

Cat scan

This is a shout out to my dear friend Steve at the Ark Animal Hospital. Steve's cat Poppy had been sleeping on the work scanner (cats and electronic devices, I hear you - its hard to keep them apart. If it is warm and it hums, your cat wants to warm his or her derriere on it).

Anyway, whether deliberately or not we can never know, Poppy kept pressing the "scan" button, and somehow managed to save these extremely artistic pictures of her toasty bum on Steve's computer. Its the kind of hijinks one might expect from inebriated staff at the work xmas party, not the practice cat!

Needless to say, Steve got a pleasant (?) surprise when he downloaded the scans, any of which could easily be enlarged, framed and sold to any number of museums around the world. 

I am sure there is some sort of legitimate veterinary application of this imaging technique, apart from creating wall-art for the waiting room, I just haven't discovered it yet.