Thursday, May 23, 2013

Caring for native wildlife

An orphaned joey in a makeshift pouch awaits her next feed.

There is an increased demand for care of orphaned or injured wildlife due to habitat destruction...but when the habitat is destroyed, where do you release these critters? The fate of animals post-release is uncertain, and if they aren't released into a safe environment they may sustain further injuries or illness.

Nina Keener has turned her own property, adjacent to the stunning Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory, is a sanctuary for native animals and Nina's Ark is a wonderful place to visit if you are nearby. 

A wallaby and her joey feed safely at Nina's Ark outside Litchfield National Park, NT.
There is no doubt that the animals here thrive because the environment is protected (Nina's driveway is a pleasant 8km track winding through stunning bushland). 

A wallaby pauses outside the bush shower at Nina's Ark. This shower, designed
for humans - not wallabies - allows one to enjoy hot water under the stars.