Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What we all knew...

A friend sent me this link this morning, so thought I'd put it out there for those who have any concerns (although I suspect I am preaching to the converted!).

My favourite part of the article, which discusses the potential risks associated with sharing your bed with your pet, is this:

"Keeping these concerns in context maintains the practical message this paper delivers: that risks exist but are easily preventable. “I can’t think of any close relationship that doesn’t involve some risk of catching something,” Fudin said. “Do you stay away from human companions because you might catch the flu?”"


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  1. My dog, Jen, loves to sleep right next to my bed on a pile of my clothes. This makes me feel loved and important. I guess sometimes my clothes might have a fair bit of dog hair on them, but Jen and I both have straight blonde hair, so I can just pretend that I am malting.

    Sometimes, when the missus is away for work and it's cold, I think about inviting Jen up onto the bed to keep me warm, but I don't want to set a precendent!


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