Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pony madness

What a crazy morning...last night I felt like there was no hope for a pony lost in the burbs, this morning the radio stations were onto it, the RSPCA and council got on the job, and the owner of the blow-in pony was located. Of course by then there was something of a media frenzy and the moment the pair were reunited was captured on TV. Apparently he is always keen to get into the house, which explains some of the late night door-knob fiddling and wall-hoofing we witnessed. His owner was absolutely thrilled to have him back and had been driving the streets searching for his steed. All credit should go to my cousin Adam and his colleagues in the State Emergency Service who got this horse off the road before he got wounded - or wounded an unsuspecting driver. We wish the pony all the best for the future.