I am happy to talk about animals all day and all night (or for more defined, finite periods), and am often called to deliver presentations to groups and organisations. Here are some wonderful things people have said:

"The world of human medicine suddenly seemed very uninspiring and mundane by comparison, after Anne Fawcett gave a lecture about infections commonly encountered in veterinary practice, to a captive group of Microbiology scientists and Infection specialists at Concord Hospital.

Captive should really be captivated. But captive sounds ever so much more zoonotic. And the listeners were captive and enthralled to the nuances of tetanus in dogs (beware the starfish look), cats behaving badly in the inner west, guinea pigs in search of ways to enhance their faecal microbiota, and how to spot a sick looking bird in the burbs. Which is not a 20 something after a hen's night out. Or perhaps it is? And how to deal with sexual arousal in a parrot. And why husbands might find themselves sleeping on the floor with a smug pet, cleaning it's nails looking down at them. Well if you want to find out about all this and much much more, you just have to invite Anne to talk to you about the perils and joys of small animal veterinary care. Needless to say Anne is a wonderful raconteur but more than that an inspiring advocate for animals and the nourishment they add to our lives. We cannot wait for the next instalment. In the meantime, I am off to talk to the dog and get a few things off my chest about where our relationship is going."

Tom Gottlieb

Senior Specialist in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Concord Hospital

"Anne is an extraordinary public speaker: warm, funny, engaging, commanding, and veryvery smart (seriously, someone should insist she carry a license for that ginormous brain of hers). This is a woman who has way more than her fair share of talents. She writes beautifully, she takes stunning photographs, plus she’s got the whole saving-animals’-lives gig going on. Talk about an ├╝berfrau. Certainly UNSW’s third-year media, PR and advertising students loved her when she came in to give a guest lecture on freelancing and blogging in August 2013. Anne’s ethics – as a freelance photojournalist, as a vet, and as a university lecturer – are impeccable. She tells mesmerising stories about stuff like performing emergency C-sections on skinks, and has a pair of electric blue jellyfish tights that have to be seen to be believed. I recommend her unhesitatingly and with every possible superlative."
Senior Lecturer in Media, Journalism and Communications
University of New South Wales

"Anne is a natural teacher: she’s warm and engaging, precise and inspiring, with a gift for illustrating information with amazing images and quirky facts. In a professional development session for Cat Protection, she didn’t just give us the science on shelter medicine, she gave us its heart and soul. And anyone who can truly convince you of the ennobling qualities of litter tray scrubbing is without doubt a supremely persuasive communicator!"
Kristina Vesk, CEO
Cat Protection Society of NSW

"I had the privilege of attending a continuing education talk delivered by Dr Anne Fawcett at the RSPCA NSW annual conference on the husbandry, health and welfare of pocket pets. As well as being extremely entertaining and engaging, Anne's talk was extremely informative to the delegates from a wide variety of backgrounds. We would definitely not hesitate ask her to present at our conference again in the future."
Kate Mills
BVSc (Hons1) MACVSc (Surgery), Managing veterinarian, RSPCA NSW (Sydney)

For speaking enquiries please contact anne [at] smallanimaltalk.com